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Great employee onboarding improves retention by 82% and, sadly, 88% of
organizations don’t onboard well. It’s time to change this with culturematters powered by Jira

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Need an easier way to plan, schedule and
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Great Onboarding improves
employee retention

Most organizations don't
onboard flow well

Employees who get off to a
structured start

Onboarding efficiency

Ensure maximum productivity, employee engagement
and long term retention

From day one, ensure your team is aligned, focused and set up for success.

Culture matters steps
Culture matters steps checklist
Culture matters
Employee engagement

Get employees on board and up to speed fast!

Employees who get off to a structured start are 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years. Outline every task and all the steps with clarity. Get your team to reach its full potential.

360 visibility

Team visibility ensures progress and unity

Have full visibility on the progress new team members are making against their goals. Add comments to help them move forward or simply make them feel more welcomed to the team and engaged.